Monday, 18 March 2013

See What Is Physically Not There!

In this week’s blog I am going to talk about how the world is evolving in to virtue news that can be viewed and operated by with our own current mobile phones. Augmented technology is claiming to be the future of how we read or view things in the world today so, I'm going to see if that is the case and how relevant the technology is to us.
In this day and age so far augmented reality is merely just a concept of how we will view the news and maybe stream videos sometime in the future. Right now newspapers and the internet are the fast way of finding out news or information about things the concern us, also considering the television as well. So far these technologies I speak of have been relatively good to us for some years now so, to speak of something that might surpass easiness of the use of the newspaper and maybe even searching online seems to be unheard of till now. Here’s a brief video of just what some augmented realities have to offer:

You can clearly see in the video above just how easy and convenient the technology could serve to be for us especially as, we can be able to start using it from our current mobile phones now. When things are very simple and clear to use the more likely everyone will be expected to also use it too, due to the good reviews obviously been given to it from others. But viewing this video you’re most likely thinking that this technology won’t be available for at least another two to three years but that’s where you’re wrong. Augmented reality is slowly starting to develop now as we speak and the early signs of life are, slowly creeping through.

Aurasma is a company that develops augmented reality currently and has one of its software’s, Auras actually available for download in the app store and, in the android market. For more information on what the application does and more about the company take a look at their website: If you have a smartphone download the app for yourself and test out exactly what the application does for you and what you feel about it. And if you like it tell a friend to start the viral trend flowing, so you know what going on and aren’t left behind. 

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