Monday, 18 March 2013

I Hear bout U Everywhere I Go!

In this week’s blog I am going to continue to write about how I think politics and the social media have become more entwined with each other in the sense of how easy, it is to be up-to-date with political news today.

In the manner we live today where everything is most often a click of a mouse away; the world has become much easier for us to be sync with the rest of the world and the daily news from across the global.  A major part of our lives which we like to admit it or not is politics. The reasons why we do certain things in our lives today are because of what the government officials, have allowed us to do or the laws they make in order for us to live like we do. Clearly enough most of us would like to stay in-touch with what happens in the world today and no-other news comes bigger than politics I feel.

In the past humans resorted to reading the newspaper in-order to be aware of what was going on around them and other things etc. Then the use of a radio became much easier to use as the presenters on the radio would just read out what interest stories had happened. Then the TV also was another source of information as, the television offered us news as well as visual image this became one of the most popular sources of information along with the newspaper. People going to work sitting on the tube or, on the bus couldn’t watch television on it, till one or two years ago so the newspaper seemed to be still, very useful in handy in the sense that you can read it wherever you may be.  So now we have reached an era where, searching news out on your mobile phones had become a better easier than buy a newspaper and having to flick through it all to find the news you wanted to know.

But now as our newspapers, television channels and radio stations gave us option and preference to what we actually enjoyed reading or listening so does the, option of download an app for your smartphones to allow you to be informed of the news around the world. We have evolved once again to reading news not from the paper though, from our mobile phones which saves us from buying the paper. We as humans like to do things that make it much simpler for us to live our life’s, and allow us to avoid things that may cause us to struggle obviously. With the newspaper it can be a hassle trying to read it on the bus or train especially if you haven’t got a seat or space to open it up and start reading it. Also it can be annoying when you have the sense of feeling that someone is reading over your shoulder which seems too happened a lot, when sitting on public transportation. Also if you are reading the paper outdoors and it starts to rain, the newspaper obviously cannot escape the fact that it will become ruined and no longer useful.

The mobile phone is our own personal device which people tend not to look at when you are on transportation that is public. Save you from buy the paper as it would kind of be more convenient for certain people, rather than carrying a newspaper around with you all day. Also could help prevent global warming as you’re less likely to buy the paper and then throw it away without recycling it.

To sum up what this blog was about is that the source of our information is slowly adapting for us to make it easier for us to receive it and keep us in touch with news, virtually from anywhere with internet access in the world.

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