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What We Think About NEW Technology?

In this blog I am going to critically explain what technology is and, how much our society has adapted towards involving it in our everyday lives’.  Firstly I am going to start off by introducing the where the word derives from and exactly, what it means today.  Technology originally is of two Greek words which are;  τέχνη (téchnē), meaning "art, skill, craft", and -λογία (-logía), meaning “study of-“. – Reference from Wikipedia. The word essentially means then the study of something or even, the explanation of how a type of craft works.

Now if we take a look at what the word means today, we’ll find that it has progressed into meaning something that is of different usage. From my understanding technology today means equipment that is generally used in form of arts, communication, science and, maths which helps or assists human beings with tasks they need to accomplish. It is clear to see though that the word has expanded very much to its current meaning today, which has a correlation in how technology now is rising with many new devices that can operate many different features, such as; Aeroplanes, mobile phone and even, the internet. Technology is also considered to be the creation of gun, missiles, bow and arrow & bombs so, further in this blog I’ll look at the elements where people are against many forms of technology.
Many Humans today are very openhearted when it comes to owning technology. We seem to be very close to technology during all parts of the day even when we sleep. I say this because; in a lecture a show of hands were counted to see how many people sleep with their mobile phones at least a foot away, and the majority of the class put their hands up agreeing that they do. Although this wasn’t a full research, the results gives you the knowledge of our generation has adopted technology in our everyday lives’. We humans have incorporated an emotionally attachment with our devices which, seems to be adapted by all cultures in the world. This happens to be unique as in the world today there are so many differences i.e. beliefs, values, languages and ethics but the way we use our technology seems to be generally approved by mostly everyone in today world.

Though there is a small group of people that intentionally avoid using new forms of technology like the Amish communities. They refrain from using all types of new modern day technology such as; cars, telephones, internet and computers. All those I said play a major part of our lives today as they enable us to communicate with one another and allow us to maintain relationships with our friends and family.  So this makes me question do we actually need all this technology we have in this world if, the Amish seem to get along with their lives without it why can’t we?  Well I say that today most people view the Amish communities as being outdated and, basically behind us, those who comply with modern technology today. Nowadays we link technology with progress, evolutionary things that we enjoy using and, have the comfort of knowing the signs of new technology relatively mean we are heading towards the future.
The view of technology enhancing the world and making it a better place obviously isn’t shared by everyone. Two famous views of this are of Ted Kaczynski aka “The Unabomber” and Martin Heidegger, these two men question the use of technology and how it is destroying our World. I think that Martin Heidegger concept of technology was that it was dehumanising us in a way that: “Techne is the name not only of the activities and skills of the craftsman, but also for the arts of the mind and the fine arts. Techne belongs to bringing forth, to poiesis; it is something poetic” A quote from his book: The Question Concerning Technology and other essays page 294. From my understanding he is saying that we are not using the word correctly and, we destroying something which actually beautiful i.e; skills and the perfection of a carpenter making a wooden chair to now, many machines making it without thought. He also thinks that technology could lead into the corruption if the human race, when he queries that “its essence is mysterious” A quote from his book: The Question Concerning Technology and other essays page 309. He has made some relative points as today we can’t consider all forms of technology as good for instance; The use of calculators in an maths exam would be bad because, it is just telling us the answer which isn’t helping us learn or develop new skills. And the thought of Technology being mysterious is reasonable as we don’t really question why, all of a sudden we are bless with so many intelligent devices now but, still harming our environment greatly for example; pollution levels. Then The Unabomber argument goes on to be one that is talking about “The stronger that technology makes society, the less freedoms.” I agree with that quotation as it is very true because, in today’s life we have Facebook accounts, upload images, write about what we currently doing or talk about our favourite interests which is in turn removing all our privacy. So in the future if there was to be a rule saying we are not entitled to any privacy we really don’t have an argument as we have been, gradually living in a world without privacy for some time now. He also says “Technology destroys nature, which strengthens technology further.” Although I do not agree with the murders and the ways he put his ideas across I agree that, in order to build new builds or factories we destroy land or rain forests to strengthen our need of technology in the world. Unabomber quotations from:

The Google glasses is a revolution device which enables the user to interact with multiple technological features, just like a smartphone but is eyewear that functions as a hands-free device. The glasses will work as an augmented reality, head-mounted display (HMD) which will enable us to use it anywhere we would like to.

I would like to go into to detail on why I think Google decided to make these glasses and what effect it will have on the population on a whole. Firstly I think that the reason why Google decided to make the glasses is because; they are a well-known and respected company. The progress that Google have made in the recent years against all its competitors is extraordinary. It is the World’s most popular search engine by a distance and continues to adventure into different type of agendas such as; YouTube, Android Mobiles and Google Chrome web browser. So when I first heard that Google had been developing a new revolutionary device which works all by augmented reality and, is HMD function I did not write it off as I would of done if it was another company that was looking into making it.  We all feel that in the future we will be using technology like this on a regular basis so, for a company like Google to be making it now, it shows them as having initiative and the resources to make such ground-breaking and futuristic technology.

Another reason why I feel Google are making these glasses are to make money when they have been finished to sell advertising slots to companies to buy them. With such technology companies will pay a great amount of money to, promote their products to you which will probably be as big as television’s advertising. This also leads into collecting data about the user, as the amount of data which is collected would benefit the companies majorly. I say this because with enough data collected about us they will be targeting the right products to the certain customers they want. For example Google make a deal with facebook and the app is available on the Google glasses, the information we hold on facebook would be benefit the companies as, they would get to know us without getting to know us. This is all a marketing ploy as essentially Google would just be selling us in order to receive more money from marketing our information.

The glasses are really state of the art and different and, although there are products that can perform what the glasses can do, there isn’t any product in the world that works like the glasses do.  So I think people will embrace theses glasses just as how people buy the latest iPhone as soon as it is released because, they just assume that they will need it and the world is progressing into a new phase of technology. The glasses could in a few years’ time be the replace for the mobile phone as it could do everything it can but, wirelessly.  

In a vote in my seminar group we were asked what we thought of the glasses? Everyone in the class’s thoughts of them was negative including me but, I said that I thought that the public would still welcome it. I am pretty confident that people all over the world would buy the glasses because, even though the reviews in the class were bad. I say this because right now we have grown up with use or the need of the Google glass, so therefor we feel we will never need them. But the generation which are going to grow up and seeing this in shops and TV adverts will definitely see the need of buying one because, so far it can do everything mobile phone or even a computer can do on the move. So they will view it as being more practical than a PC and more convenient then a laptop. So that is my reason why I think it will work regardless of any negative feedback it may receive now. Once it is released people will question how they ever lived without them. The reason why I feel negative towards the glasses is because it is dehumanising making us much more lazier as a result and more reliant having to use technology in ways were we did not have to 10 years ago for example; Reminding yourself to buy concert tickets normally you would write it down on a paper or, people my age would just write it on your phone as a reminder to buy the tickets. But with the glasses you can instantly tell it to reminder you which in my eyes will become a very lazy trait.  Eventually people will seclude from using their memory in exchange for the glasses reminder system being so easy to use. This could lead to a chain reaction of all humans having brief memory capacity and being fully reliant on the glasses.

On a whole I think that new technology should be welcomed but humans should not rely heavily on it. We should allow it to benefit us in many ways such as; use of communication with loved ones around the world but, when we have to start submitting our own privacy or even human right just to use a piece of technology we should step back and, examine the situation as maybe it is getting out of hand.

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