Friday, 12 October 2012

Brand New Blog

Welcome all to my brand new blog,

My blog is going to be about various intriguing topics that relate to digital media all over the world today. I hope to include very insightful analysis which will be primary and secondary research. The purpose of my blog is to regularly update it with stimulating blogs that, challenge the main topics of how digitally involved the World has become today and, where technology is heading to in the coming years with it changing every single year.

In making every blog I am going to make them as reliable as I can possible make it by explaining clear the topics which I am elaborating on, include references and quotes also including where I found them from, if possible include images or videos in the blog to make it more engaging for the reader and, include links to any site that contains useful material.

In this assessment I am looking forward to making detailed blogs as much as I can by including; facts and quotes from lectures to prove and, show my understanding of what was actually discussed in lectures. Also I will attempt to post up blogs each week, elaborating on the issues of the past weeks topics.

On a whole I think this will be an interesting assessment which I hope to intrigue all readers and answer all question in depth with relevant, evidence to support all my answers. I hope this has been an interesting introduction and I’m excited to get started.
Thanks Lads Holy Harmonies This Thing Sounds Very Nice

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