Monday, 29 April 2013

Wait one second! Did I forget something?

In this blog I am going to discuss something which I think was left out of this year’s teaching of digital cultures and, would be relevant for future students.

Digital cultures 1st year is a very unique subject where you learn about virtually everything there is to know about the web and other technologies such as, mobile phones. Gavin Stewart told us about how his class from way back when, said that it would be crazy if we would all have personal computers and also, we would go to sleep with our mobile phones so close by to us. But as time has passed that’s exactly what has happen so I am very interested to see what else the future and technology has to offer us.

But what I am really interested about and think was missing from this year’s teaching was the history and the next steps for games consoles. I mean the topic was kind of covered this year in terms of talking about video games and it’s history of pong being the first ever video game. But I want to know more about Sony’s first conceptions of their PlayStation 1 and, why Xbox decided to start rivalling them when they did?

2013 is going to be an exciting year for gamers as; we are finally going to be introducing to the next generation of gaming with the 8th generation consoles being released later this year.  I am extremely excited to get my hands on the new PlayStation 4 and I would of liked to learn some in depth detail about the console history, and its likely future was heading. Also what 9th and 10th generation might be planning, when it is their turn to be unveiled?

Hopefully this content could be added to the next year’s teaching schedule and be enjoyed as much as I do.

On the gaming scene this is what is coming this year... Just imagine in 10 years time.:

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