Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Do you really need this?

In this week’s blog I am going to talk about the topic that was discussed in the workshop and just another summary of how I feel about, social networking sites and how I use them. In the digital cultures workshop we had a little bit of a discussion about how we personal feel about how our friends, and people we know go about using social networking sites such as; Facebook, twitter and even, instagram.

I currently only use one social networking site which is Facebook, when I was younger I was into following the trend of having multiple social webpages where, I just used to upload pictures of myself, songs that I liked and my close friends where given a shout out. When I think back now of the websites I used to use, I see there was really no point of having one of them as the networking capabilities were no as impressive as they are today. Also the fact that you couldn’t actual make connect by having friends, to make it easier to communicate made hard, as I used to write down their websites rather than a link on my page to take me straight there.

I may sound like an old retired veteran in saying this but it’s the honest truth when I say that I’ve experienced it all in the past so, that may justify the reason to maybe why I only used Facebook now instead of using so many different social networking sites like; twitter and instagram etc. I have even become bored of Facebook’s antics which when I first started using it became amazed by how, connected everyone was and seeing nearly everyone’s posts on one page, definitely beat having to check through tons of other peoples websites to just to check an update.

Another reason why I don’t like social networking sites no more is because of the fact that they have become way to personal these days. Before all you really needed were your email address and your name and maybe even you D.O.B. But now you need to agree to the website’s bible full of rules and regulations which you clearly know you aren’t going to read.  The fact that your pictures do not even belong to any longer once you’ve uploaded them to a website is a big turn off for me personally. There is so much to think about before clicking the accept box but, we neglect from doing so because we just aren’t used to have to do it, like we did in the past. All social networking sites are coming to a point when they are becoming truly irrelevant anyways, when the majority of time people just update status by saying ‘I’m bored’ or ‘I’m having dinner now’. Just because you can write about it, it doesn’t mean you should. And even now on instagram people have shifted from writing about what they are eating or doing to now, taking a picture of it and uploading it for everyone to see. I definitely don’t see the point of doing that so I don’t see the reason of signing up to that.

To conclude I feel that social networking site are only really useful if your using it to keep in touch with friends and long distance family, they become really useful when doing group work and you want to contact all members at once. But for everyday use and reading what people are literally doing at the moment, social networking sites become a huge turn off to me.

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